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The Silent LandThe Silent Land by Graham Joyce

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another excellent novel by Graham Joyce. Though I suspect it would be closer to a novella with normal-size typeface. The large print (granted, I read the UK version, not the US) was a bit jarring. Were it not for the shagging scenes, I might have mistaken it for a YA novel.

That being said, the storyline was excellent. The lines between Joyce and Carroll (as in Jonathan) were blurred a bit, as Joyce typically does not venture into Carroll’s preferred setting. I found his take fascinating. Premise: A young couple go out for a morning ski and are caught in an avalanche. They dig themselves free to find the hotel and ski-town devoid of life. A series of strange events ensue. (Honestly? There was an early part of the book in which I suspected the potential for a zombie outbreak/end of the world. I had to remind myself I was reading my favorite author who likely would not delve into that particular genre.)

I did guess the ending fairly early on. For some authors, this might have ruined the story for me. But honestly, it only enriched my experience with this selection. He remains my absolute favorite author, hands down.

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Reading and such

Property OfProperty Of by Alice Hoffman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Only Hoffman can make it so I empathize with a story about city gang warfare, drugs, and women so used and abused they are completely ambivalent.

Why am I working my way through every book she's ever written? See above.

Property Of" was her very first novel, so it's a bit rough if you're accustomed to her current style. She wrote it while still in college.

As a result of this novel I've started researching addiction and its effects on the body/psyche. I've also started watching "Intervention" *L* Addiction is fascinating.

She seems to open doors that lead to places I'd rather not go. But once I get there, I'm completely enthralled and must know more.
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I'm dreaming

... of a white Christmas.


All sparkling and cool and lovely. I'll shovel and snuggle and adore every second.

Now, if I could only find that pesky fast forward button ;)


Hi. How are you?

Just a word of advice? If you are looking for a tearjerker, watch "Dear John" on Netflix. Holy Hannah did that movie kick my bum ....

K, guess that's it.

For now.

I'm wondering if the universe understands, is all.

Dear Universe


I've decided I'd rather not work. Just for a little while. Do you think this would be a possibility? I've been real good and had steady employment for the past 17 years. Seeing as how I have about 30 or so years to go (hopefully I will be lucky enough to remain gainfully employed throughout that time!), I was thinking you might be able to spare a couple weeks?

I know, a month would be WAY too luxurious!

But it might be nice *L*

I'm grateful for my job. I like it, even. I like the people I see every day. And I never want to reneg on any of my debts or ask anyone to take care of me.

But a break sure would be swell.

Just the up-and-at-'em would rather stay asleep this week. I love Christmas and would like to see more of it, please?

Less cube, more warm fuzzies? *L*

Anxiously Awaiting a 3-Day-Weekend

P.S. - I'm still in a good mood. Just wanna be out the door. Like, 5 minutes ago ;)


Magical cupcake of reason

I really need to check this thing more often. Sigh. I run out of of *back*s and likely miss things.

In other news?

If you get to be mean and grouchy, I get to be happy. If I'm not allowed to be joyful, well then, you're not allowed to go around *wah wah wah*ing every 5 seconds.

See how that works?

And when a day comes in which I am sad, I will not abhor you for your joy. I may ride your coattails to bask in a little of the glow, though ;)

I am hopeful

That's it :)

And it goes on and on and on ...

The RoadThe Road by Cormac McCarthy

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

“There is no later. This is later. All things of grace and beauty such that one holds them to one’s heart have a common provenance in pain. Their birth in grief and ashes. So, he whispered to the sleeping boy. I have you.”

I went into this book looking for hope. What I found was pain, devastation and the most horribly pessimistic view of humanity as a whole I’ve read to date.

This is not to say McCarthy is not incredibly intelligent in his story development and prose. His writing in engaging, and his “simple” characters are so palpable, your heart aches for them at every bloody turn.

There were very few inconsistencies (which is one of my major pet peeves), which I appreciated.

But I just refuse to believe the worst of humanity.

For the few who may be unawares, “The Road” is post-apocalyptic, Pulitzer-prize winning novel. A man and his child travel a highway through a wasted land of ash and death. Decomposed corpses and heinous cannibalistic humans are all that’s left of Earth. Well, and them. The “good guys” who “carry the fire.”

The grammar is terrible. (Although, I do think he specifically left out the apostrophes in contractions for not, like “shouldnt” and “wont” and left them in any for “is” and “are” on purpose ... to prove that “not” is not an option or some such.) On reading an interview with CMC, he dubbed punctuation “squiggly marks” that mess up his pages. He also noted he’d rather keep company with scientists than authors (he has NO author friends, on purpose), and that any book that does not deal severely with life and death cannot be considered literature. So, in other words, he’s a pompous ass. An elitist prick of a writer who’s got a self-importance stick shoved so far up his arse, his feet likely don’t even touch the ground.


I’m looking forward to the bookclub discussion on this one, b/c there are a ton of themes. I grudgingly give this book good marks. I feel passionately about it ... it made me think. It made me abhor this author from start to finish ... and love his characters so fiercely I felt sick for them. Over and over.

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Please leave me alone :-P

Edit: See, I'm not
always sunshine and rainbows ;)
People spend way too much time on the "wants." Myself not even remotely excluded.

But what about the "haves"?

I have a lot for which to be thankful.

Sure, there are a few past moments I wish I could erase and do over. And there will always be future moments I hope and pray for.

But the here and now is pretty darn special, as well.

Ok, so sitting at my desk at work isn't the most brilliant example. But this job provides necessities. And a few excesses. And even a social network :) Plus, I have the cutest Halloween pencils. You know the ones that have the push-up, pop-out lead points; some were scented. Yeah, they're pretty awesome. And they make me smile, with their little ghosties and candy corn.

And the weather outside?

Bloody brilliant, I say.

Yes, it's a good day. I'm alive. I can eat chocolate if I want to. And if I really needed one. I mean, really needed one. I could get a hug. (But I'd have to ask. Most people know I'm not a work-hugger ;)

Hope everyone out there is happy today. This is just a friendly reminder that life is, in fact, pretty damn stellar. If not always on the grand scale, look smaller. You'll see it. Ahhhh. Right. There.