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The Silent LandThe Silent Land by Graham Joyce

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another excellent novel by Graham Joyce. Though I suspect it would be closer to a novella with normal-size typeface. The large print (granted, I read the UK version, not the US) was a bit jarring. Were it not for the shagging scenes, I might have mistaken it for a YA novel.

That being said, the storyline was excellent. The lines between Joyce and Carroll (as in Jonathan) were blurred a bit, as Joyce typically does not venture into Carroll’s preferred setting. I found his take fascinating. Premise: A young couple go out for a morning ski and are caught in an avalanche. They dig themselves free to find the hotel and ski-town devoid of life. A series of strange events ensue. (Honestly? There was an early part of the book in which I suspected the potential for a zombie outbreak/end of the world. I had to remind myself I was reading my favorite author who likely would not delve into that particular genre.)

I did guess the ending fairly early on. For some authors, this might have ruined the story for me. But honestly, it only enriched my experience with this selection. He remains my absolute favorite author, hands down.

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